Recent Picture in Picture reviews : Page 17

  • 4.5.2019

    Радует то, что данное расширение работает не только с YouTube роликами(как это чаще всего бывает), а подхватывает вообще все видео, которые я запускал на разных сайтах. Однозначно 5 звёзд.

  • 5.4.2019

    Works would be nice if you could edit the image that you need to click because when you have dark theme then it’s weird And works how it should.

  • 28.3.2019

    Все стандартно, но в отличие от родного гугловского расширения, с этим заработали горячие клавиши, также PIP-mode можно запустить через меню по правой кнопке мыши.

  • 25.3.2019

    Że ja tego wcześniej nie znałem! Mega przydatne, działa bardzo szybko i nie ma z nim żadnych problemów. Powinno działać w standardzie.

  • 23.3.2019

    Very good for PIP function. I was looking Virtua Desktop to watch news and webbrowsing at the same time. This extension did what I expected.

  • 10.3.2019

    This is exactly what I was looking for to help with my multitasking. I’m able to have training videos open while taking notes or following the labs. It’s also helpful if I just want some news or music videos playing while I work. It doesn’t seem to work with auto-play features, for example playing the next tutorial, which means it’s not as helpful with short videos, but it’s really nice for the long drawn out videos.

  • 9.3.2019

    This is an awesome killer app. Not only does it give your picture in picture, But you can resize it and move it around the screen, Been using this app for weeks and just discovered that by accident

  • 2.3.2019

    I was really looking for something like this. Now I can watch my YouTube videos at the same time I’m reading a different web page. One of the most brilliant things about this that I can use even if I’m not browsing but, for example, writing a document on Word.

  • 25.2.2019

    love it, you can switch between tabs and windows, as well as enlarging it and moving it around the screen. i’d recommend for those that like pic in pic on android

  • 22.2.2019

    Wow what a great app. can do other stuff browsing other sites while the video plays in the lower corner. I just discovered that the video continues to play even if you minimize the browser. WOW!