Recent Picture in Picture reviews : Page 2

  • 15.8.2023

    This is the only P-i-P app I’ve used for Chrome and so far I don’t have any complaints. - It lets me use the P-i-P window across my entire PC (games, system apps, web pages) - It lets me change the size of the screen from the size of a YouTube thumbnail all the way to about the size of theater mode - It doesn’t force me out of the P-i-P mode even after I go back to the original video tab, unless I manually click out of it Overall, very simple and user-friendly (I can be pretty dumb and stupid when it comes to computers sometimes tbh). But again, this is the only P-i-P Chrome Extension I’ve used.

  • 2.7.2023

    Very good to watch 2 videos in same time or to browse while watching videos. I would love to be able to control sound or to have feature to go back or go forward. Also maybe i dream but it would be amazing to be able to create queue of videos to never have to leave the pip

  • 6.6.2023

    Simply amazing! It works on most every web-based video and is very easy to use. This extension has become a necessity for me in everyday life. I find it incredibly useful for watching something without a proper PiP function, such as Youtube, while doing something else. While its functionality is rather basic, only allowing you to resize the display, and pause the video, it is really all you need. For anyone liking to multitask I would recommend this extension in a heartbeat.

  • 22.5.2023

    It works perfectly for me, I love it. I would only suggest that it would have a rewind and FF by 15 seconds so i dont have to swap between tabs all the time, because it almost defeats the purpose

  • 9.5.2023

    Works perfectly, no issues whatsoever!! :) However, sometimes you would have to click more than once. Other than that, this is super great. 5/10. But it may not work on some devices.

  • 9.4.2023

    Va genial!! Al menos en youtube y en otras páginas conocidas en las que he probado, sin embargo, en Disney+ no me funciona. Alguien sabe si es por el navegador? Uso Chrome.

  • 24.3.2023

    Works perfect. for general things. Stuff like HULU blocks it so you need a seperate link like javascript:var video=document.getElementsByTagName(‘video’)[0];video.removeAttribute(‘disablePictureInPicture’);video.requestPictureInPicture(); to make it work. IF you book mark that and press it during hulu, it will work.

  • 21.3.2023

    This is a great plugin, but would be greatly improved if the PiP window followed me across my virtual desktops. It is now a common desktop feature on all major desktop operating systems.

  • 16.3.2023

    Works great. I like that you can pause the video in the top level picture but I wish there was also a mute button there.

  • 4.3.2023

    I’m One of Those People That Watch Videos and Browse at The Same Time. But With This Extension, I Can Do So! This Is a Great Extension! Nice Work Google!