Recent Picture in Picture reviews : Page 2

  • 30.1.2023

    increíble extensión, puedes modificar el tamaño de la ventana flotante y estan los controles para avanzar, retroceder, pausar y empezar…INCREIBLE¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • 21.1.2023

    Works great. Looks identical to the other ones that are constantly flagged by Google for containing malwares tho. If there are any “geeks” who could check if this version does not include malware, that would be amazing!

  • 21.1.2023

    This is fantastic for multi-tasking around live sports streams. Only improvement I would love for my own uses is to be able to have more than one video using picture-in-picture.nnBeing able to have four re-sizeable videos on my second screen without having to mess around with different Chrome windows would be a dream!

  • 13.1.2023

    Really great to have this extension! I just wish it would let me scale video up - I can only resize video up to a certain point (about a quarter of my monitor size) and then can no longer make it bigger. nnOther items on my wish list:n- Subtitle supportn- Playback controlsn- Ability to close the chrome tab the pip video was from without closing the pip video popup would also be nice

  • 12.1.2023

    Works like a charm, BUUUUUT wish it worked with Disney+nbut works on netflix, youtube, twitch, amazon prime.

  • 1.1.2023

    So good! Love that you can now also resize to any size. Only thing I wish for is to be able to set transparency!

  • 20.12.2022

    On my Macbook I didnt have the option to use picture in picture but with this extension its so easy to do

  • 27.11.2022

    It works perfectly and as expected! It put my YouTube video into the corner of my screen so I can do other things while watching. 10/10 reccomend!

  • 20.11.2022

    Es muy buena, creo que deberían de agregar que se pueda adelantar o atrasar el video 10 segundos como lo permite actualmente youtube y agregar ciertos ajustes a preferencia del usuario. De las mejores opciones que se tienen actualmente en la chrome web store, la recomiendo totalmente.

  • 14.11.2022

    什么时候可以把窗口改成圆角矩形呀?全世界都在推崇圆角。对了还有画中画界面快进快退功能。 When can the window be changed to a rounded rectangle? The world is admiring rounded corners.By the way, there is also a picture-in-picture interface fast forward and fast rewind function.