Recent Picture in Picture reviews : Page 3

  • 1.11.2022

    The greatest extension in this store!!! Thank you google🥰 Please continue to release ideas like these.

  • 31.10.2022

    If it’s recently stopped working for you: Remove it from Chrome and re-add it. Then it will start working again, thankfully!

  • 23.9.2022

    This is exacly what i was looking for , i always needed a way to watch a video while drawing/doing work on program outside the browser and this is perfect !

  • 5.9.2022

    i don’t really get some of the negative reviews for this lol. i was looking for a miniplayer that allowed me to do picture-in-picture and move it freely around my workspace so i can watch a video while i take notes. this was exactly what i was looking for! simple and works exactly as advertised. it’s a shame youtube only has this feature on mobile. thanks a bunch!<3

  • 30.7.2022

    Mano que perfeito eu costumo jogar e assistir video ao mesmo tempo e ai as vezes eu to assistindo e quando volto pro jogo eu tava morto, isso é muito bomm resolveu meu problema!

  • 24.7.2022

    Me ha gustado mucho, la llevo usado bastante tiempo, pero desde hoy funciona muy mal con Netflix, se ve como si hicieran zoom a los videos

  • 11.7.2022

    Stays on top of any window. All others i tried would disappear behind what ever window i would tap into or i was actively using. Love this extension :)

  • 1.7.2022

    Please, when I move the mouse over the video playing on the screen like in opera, the logo will appear.

  • 10.6.2022

    Esta extensão é ótima. Para quem quer usar PiP nos sites Star+ e Disney+ (bloqueados por padrão), eu tenho uma dica: basta instalar a extensão “Custom JavaScript for websites2”. Depois entre no site do Star+(starplus .com), clique na extensão e cole o código abaixo: function sleep(ms) { return new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, ms)); } async function PictureMode(){ for(var i=0;i<100;i++){ // Here You can type your custom JavaScript…alert(“DISNEY”); await sleep(1000); if(document.getElementsByTagName(‘video’)[0]){ var video = document.getElementsByTagName(‘video’)[0]; video.removeAttribute(“disablepictureinpicture”); console.log(“REMOVED”); }else{ console.log(“Does not exist”); } } } PictureMode(); Salve e atualize a página. 👍🏽

  • 9.6.2022

    I love using this when working on multiple things. Have a ask: video’s dont work - can you guys make it work?