Recent Picture in Picture reviews : Page 5

  • 8.5.2022

    Its almost perfect I just wish that it has fast forward and backwards buttons. Other then that its great.

  • 6.5.2022

    Easy to use, Works on almost all video sites. ONE thing: Please add next/prev buttons on at least Youtube.

  • 4.5.2022

    Funciona perfectamente, la adoro, ojalá persista en el tiempo y no se convierta en una extensión olvidada

  • 11.4.2022

    Works on basically every video player from Youtube to the sketchy website hosting Jackass Forever. I was happy to see this extension was basically released out of the kindness of the developers heart and zero data is being collected on your browsing habits.

  • 28.3.2022

    Great extension. Love it a lot, same with the PiP feature in my Android phone. A comment though: The Play/Pause button in the PiP should be larger (right now, it’s only as big as my mouse -> hard to play/pause quickly). Or maybe, the Click-to-Play/Pause feature should be available for easier use.

  • 5.3.2022

    Great extension, but Alt+P doesn’t work in other languages than English. Please, make hotkey layout-independent.

  • 11.2.2022

    Perfect, just what I needed. Playlist follows onto next video and even though there is no time slider, I can just go back to the main window if I want! Brillian stuff thanks!

  • 26.1.2022

    works well. pls add support for resize/zoom Gesture (2 fingers for the laptop trackpad). currently can resize only with the cursor.

  • 25.1.2022

    I love it a lot. So useful. especially in 4k. i can set it to have a fullhd stream in a corner, i cant solve it anyway else. Improvements i could use: -if a sound toggle would be there, if only a mute icon, that would be great -both for mute and to toggle the function itself - by a special hotkey(set by me) would be much appreciated as well.

  • 13.1.2022

    Just works! Saves me a bunch of time and makes studying more effective since I can watch the lecture on YT and read the lecture notes in another tab with the video playing on the side